Anyone can trade in casting and steel.

We at WCF show you the difference!

The Wuxi Cast Foundry, or “WCF” for short, is a German company that deals with steel, grey and nodular cast iron, with core competence in heat-resistant stainless steel casting. The company was founded by Mr Weijie Zhu, who had already successfully established one of the largest foundries for heat-resistant stainless steel castings (Wuxi Cast Ltd.) in China in 1996. Wuxi Cast Ltd. has invested heavily in environmental and occupational safety. Much of the hard physical work has been automated to relieve the workers in the foundry and achieve greater efficiency.

This combination produces a very high quality that can be relied on any time. Mr. Weijie Zhu knew that starting a company in Germany would make sense only if he could put together a team of experienced and technically skilled employees. For this reason, the WCF team consists of people who have been involved in the German and European foundry markets for decades. WCF also has a worldwide supplier base that can produce almost any material, unit weights, and geometries. But our focus continues to be on our business with heat-resistant stainless steel castings. WCF has devoted itself entirely to the business of casting and is prepared to face every challenge.

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