Our focus is on the customer

Quality policy

Wuxi Cast GmbH (WCF) is committed to ongoing improvement. Our quality policy is determined by our management. It is checked regularly for relevance and suitability, and adjusted if necessary. In order to increase the transparency of our company processes, achieve greater customer satisfaction, and minimise the error rate and associated costs, our management decided to obtain ISO 9001 certification. The principles of quality management are an integral part of our corporate philosophy, because they form the basis for our long-term business success and are the foundation on which long-term customer relationships are built.


Our customers set the standard for our quality, because it is precisely their judgement concerning our products and services that matters to us. For us, quality is about satisfying customer expectations, both explicit and implicit. Quality includes processing inquiries, offers, orders, etc., correctly, quickly, and on time. Adherence to delivery dates, competitiveness, know-how, and cooperation are other variables by which we are measured.


Our employees are bound by our quality objectives and are committed to excellence in their work in order to achieve them. They strive continuously to produce high quality. Anyone who discovers a defect takes immediate action to eliminate it.

In order for this to succeed, our employees and managers attend training courses and participate in ongoing education regularly to ensure that their level of knowledge is comprehensive and current. After all, it is our employees that make our company successful.

This is supported by management and clearly defined in our quality management manual. We encourage the motivation of all company employees in order to ensure friendly cooperation and a pleasant working atmosphere.


Entrepreneurial thinking and action are required of our employees and encouraged in order to involve them in an ongoing improvement process in which they strive continuously to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and processes. Newly introduced processes are documented immediately and these documents are referenced accordingly to ensure consistently high quality in all areas. These processes are transparent, clearly defined, and subject to continuous improvement and ongoing development.


We are a reliable and stable partner not only for our customers, but also for our suppliers. We see our suppliers rather as partners and as such maintain an open, fair, and informative communication style. We set high quality standards for our suppliers and support them in pursuing our common quality goals. The choice of suppliers is not just a question of price. A long-term and fair partnership is much more important to us in order to satisfy our high quality standards.

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