Range of services

Customer advice and support: WCF advises all customers with respect to the design and choice of material, as well as the best manufacturing process, in Germany and internationally.

Customer advice and support worldwide: For most companies, a globalised world is an great challenge. We guarantee on-time delivery at good conditions to our customers outside Europe as well. WCF will not shy away from any new challenges beyond our national borders.

Design: All components to be supplied are designed by WCF in 3D. We use Solidworks. Customer records can be processed in the most common formats such as: *.igs, *.step, *.dwg, and *.dxf.

Modelling: Models of all grades and materials, such as wood, plastic, or metal are used to manufacture WCF components.

Manufacturing process: WCF supplies components from investment casting (lost-wax process), green sand casting, machine- and hand-moulded, centrifugal casting, hand moulding using the no-bake sand moulding and lost form processes.

Vertical integration level: WCF supplies raw cast components, pre-machined components, and finished components. Individual components from individual manufacturing processes can be welded together to form complex components.

Quality assurance: Before the products are shipped from WCF, tests such as VT testing, dimensional inspection, PT testing, MT testing, and even an X-ray can be performed. Reports and certificates for the tests are created for documentation and traceability.

Materials: WCF supplies all common materials, such as: grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, unalloyed, low-alloy, and high-alloy steel castings, and special materials such as cobalt-based and nickel-based materials.

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