Hardening industry

The heat treatment of steel, aluminium, or even titanium is becoming increasingly important in mechanical engineering, since machines are becoming smaller and lighter, but still have to absorb ever greater forces…

Industrial furnace engineering

Industrial furnaces are used in a wide variety of fields, but are always subject to demanding underlying conditions. For this reason, many components are made of heat-resistant stainless steel casting…

Mechanical and plant engineering

Subdivisions of general mechanical engineering, such as conveyor technology, fluid mechanics, or drive technology require many individual components, which in most cases are costly to machine….

Power plant industry

The grinding and burning of natural raw materials such as wood or coal, as well as general household and commercial waste for energy generation…

Steelmill industry

Tailor-made solutions that are individually adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer are important especially in the steelmill industry.

Cement industry

Cement is usually a composition of clay, limestone, iron ore and sand. It is used as a component in the further production of concrete, plaster and mortar to achieve the desired strength.

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