Beratung für die Wärmebehandlung in der Härtereiindustrie.

Hardening industry

The heat treatment of steel, aluminium, or even titanium is becoming increasingly important in mechanical engineering, since machines are becoming smaller and lighter, but still have to absorb ever greater forces. Since every component is subject to different stresses, the hardening process must match precisely. We at WCF offer individual advice on heat treatment for all areas of industry. With a view to an optimal result, particular value is placed on personal, project-related, and individual advice. WCF is one of the market leaders in the field of design and delivery of charging equipment for heat treatment as well as for spare parts for all common heat treatment furnaces. In close cooperation, we develop and manufacture castings from heat-resistant cast stainless steel. Our great strength is the new construction and optimisation of charging equipment, as well as the selection or improvement of the right material for the appropriate use.

Our product range comprises: 

  • Adapter
  • Aufpackkrone
  • Assembly grids
  • Base trays
  • Baskets
  • Bearing
  • Bearing ring
  • Bottom grid
  • Butterfly Discs
  • Centering mandrel
  • Centering stars
  • CFC
  • Charging device
  • Crossbar
  • Distance bushing
  • Distance ring
  • Fans
  • Furnace rolls
  • Gear rack
  • Guiding grids
  • Guiding inserts
  • Loading beam
  • Packing device
  • Rail stone
  • Recuperators
  • Ring cover
  • Runge
  • Side walls
  • Stabilizers
  • Stacking frames
  • Stacking grids
  • Support grids
  • Tabletts
  • Top grids
  • Wire basket
  • Wire mesh
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