Power plant industry

The grinding and burning of natural raw materials such as wood or coal, as well as general household and commercial waste for energy generation, cause abrasive and thermal wear and reduce the service life of wear parts.

We at WCF offer a solution: We develop, construct, and deliver ready-to-install heavy-duty cast parts made of heat-resistant grey cast iron, highly heat-resistant stainless steel casting, and wear-resistant quenched and tempered steel. Special materials are used to produce a longer service life. Our grate bars and integrated components are used in roller, feed, travelling, or horizontal grates. The development and manufacture of air or water-cooled grate bars is also part of our daily business. Our service includes the pre-assembly of individual grate rows to check the dimensional accuracy and quality. We can also offer customer-specific solutions for the inlet and outlet areas of rotary furnaces and in the area of grinding and crushing tools.

Our product range comprises:

  • Side plates
  • Kiln-exhibition-doors
  • Cyclone separators and diffusers
  • Protection shells for pipes
  • Inlet and outlet segments
  • Slats and scraper chains
  • Grate bars for air-cooled grates
  • Grate bars for water-cooled grates
  • Drag- or slag chain
  • Wear plates
  • Hammers

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