Steelmill industry

Tailor-made solutions that are individually adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer are important especially in the steelmill industry. The extreme variety of products in a wide range of materials constantly poses new challenges for moulders. But thanks to our extensive knowledge of materials and casting, WCF can offer customers almost endless possibilities, which can also save costs and extended the product life. Even if drawings are not available, WCF can reconstruct them by analysing the material and taking measurements. 3D scans are also possible for components that appear to be complex. By optimizing the process chain, WCF offers fast processing, from enquiry to delivery, at a fair cost model.

Our strength also lies in our ability to offer solutions that are not part of our core business. For example, products such as bearings in ceramics and hard alloys based on cobalt-chrome can be produced using the sintering process.

Our product range comprises:

  • Furnace rollers
  • Jacket pipes
  • Zinc bath rollers
  • Tabs made of special alloys such as UMCO 50 or 51
  • Bearing boxes
  • Furnace beams
  • Walking beams
  • Sinter grate bars
  • Link apron belts
  • Mill stands
  • Crushing rollers
  • And many more

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