A successful company consists of…

a combination of experience with a spirit of innovation and professional competence.

This association has the ability both to shape and influence progress. The world and all its markets are in constant change. Only companies that have recognised this reality and are continuously developing at all levels can enjoy long-term success.

Far Eastern tradition meets German engineering

This gave rise to the idea of combining Chinese tradition with the art of German engineering, applying the virtues of both cultures for the benefit of our customers. The result is a very high quality that can be relied on any time, at competitive conditions and guaranteed delivery dates.

Engineers and every buyer will be impressed with our capabilities and performance. A concept like ours will provide greater efficiency and ensure added value for our customers. Advanced staff training and qualifications, as well as the constant optimisation of our company processes, help us to be better tomorrow than today. A company can be only as good as its employees.

Thus our slogan: „devoted to castings | your task – our challenge“

Veredelte Gussteile und Härteverfahren im Ergebnis

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