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A successful company consists of the pairing of experience with innovative spirit and expertise

WCF’s unique combination of German engineering and Chinese tradition enables us to provide you with products of the highest quality – Made in China, meeting the demands of German engineering.

Sectors & Products

Competitive conditions and guaranteed delivery dates
through high quality that can be accessed at any time.

Hardening industry

The heat treatment of steel, aluminium or even titanium is becoming increasingly important in mechanical engineering. Machines are expected to become ever smaller and lighter, but are at the same time having to absorb ever greater forces.

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Industrial furnace construction

Industrial furnaces are used in a wide variety of areas, but are always subject to demanding framework conditions. For this reason, many components are made of heat-resistant cast stainless steel.

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Mechanical and plant engineering

Sub-areas of general mechanical engineering, such as conveyor systems, fluid mechanics or drive systems, require many individual components, which, in most cases, are machined at great expense.

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Power station industry

The grinding and combustion of natural raw materials such as wood or coal, as well as general domestic and commercial waste for energy generation, cause abrasive and thermal wear and reduce the service life of wear parts.

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Steelworks industry

Customised solutions that are tailored individually to the needs and requirements of the customer are especially important in the steelworks industry.

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Cement industry

Cement is usually a composition of clay, limestone, as well as iron ore and sand. It serves as a component in the further production of concrete, plaster and mortar to obtain the desired strength.

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Wuxi Cast combines German engineering with Far Eastern tradition

Customer advice and support

WCF advises all customers on design and material selection as well as on the optimal manufacturing process.

Worldwide delivery

For most companies, a globalised world poses an enormous challenge.


All components to be supplied are designed by WCF in 3D.

Model making

For production of WCF components, pattern equipment of all quality levels and materials are used, such as: Wood, plastic or metal.

Manufacturing process

WCF supplies components made from investment casting (lost wax process), green sand casting machine- and hand-moulded, centrifugal casting, hand mould casting in the cold resin process and lost mould.

Vertical range of manufacture

WCF supplies raw castings and pre-machined components, as well as finished machined components.

Quality assurance

Before the goods are delivered to WCF, inspections such as VT inspection, dimensional inspection, PT inspection, MT inspection, as well as an X-ray can be carried out.


WCF supplies all common materials.


WCF is your reliable partner for heat resistant
castings with industrial standards.

Special alloys and refractory metals in industry

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