The Wuxi Cast Foundry, known as WCF, is a German company for cast steel, grey cast iron and ductile cast iron, focusing on heat-resistant stainless steel castings.

The company was founded in 1996 by Weijie Zhu, and has now established itself successfully as the largest non-nationalised foundry for heat-resistant stainless steel castings (Wuxi Cast China) on the market.

Wuxi Cast China has made substantial investments aimed at environmental protection and occupational safety. Many physically demanding tasks have been automated in order to relieve foundry workers and achieve higher efficiency. This combination has led to a very high quality that can be called on at all times. Weijie Zhu was convinced that forming a company in Germany only made sense if a team of experienced and technically skilled workers was assembled.

That is why the WCF team consists of individuals who have already worked in the German and European foundry market for decades.

WCF also has a worldwide supplier base, which can produce almost all materials, unit weights and geometries. However, its core business is and will remain heat-resistant stainless steel castings. WCF is fully dedicated to foundry products and is ready to take on any challenge.