Wuxi Cast GmbH (WCF) is committed to continuous improvement. Our quality policy is defined by the management.

We believe that holistic customer satisfaction, the prosperity of our employees and a respectful approach to the environment are the cornerstones of our continued success.

Environmental awareness


All our products are produced not only in accordance with the applicable technical regulations, but also with special attention to environmentally friendly processes. Our commitment to the planet is reflected in our choice of resource-efficient materials and processes that not only meet, but often exceed, today’s environmentally friendly standards.

Resource efficiency

Every decision we make reflects our desire to use our resources efficiently and responsibly. This also includes continuous monitoring and optimisation of our operational processes.

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Social responsibility

Staff development

Every employee is part of our family. That’s why we invest in ongoing training and development to ensure they can reach their full potential. By recognising and nurturing individual talent, we create an environment that fosters initiative and innovation.

Health and well-being

The well-being of our employees is our top priority. Through supportive measures and a positive working atmosphere, we help to ensure that the satisfaction and general well-being of our teams is always at the forefront.

Team spirit

We are proud of our culture of respect, openness and honesty. Our employees are our greatest asset and a harmonious working environment is key to our collective success.

Integrated corporate governance

Customer loyalty

We strive not only for business deals, but for lasting partnerships. Through our no-nonsense and reliable way of working, we build long-lasting, successful client relationships based on trust.


We know that trust is fostered through transparency. Our management ensures that every decision and communication is clear and comprehensible.

Constant improvement

In an ever-changing business world, we’re always on the ball. We follow market and industry developments actively to ensure that our strategies and offerings are always relevant and future-orientated. In addition, we rely on regular internal audits and feedback meetings to optimise our processes constantly. By involving our employees and partners in the improvement process, we ensure holistic and continuous development.

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Services and communication

Customer service

We are here to serve. Regardless of the size or nature of the request, we always strive to respond accurately and quickly. And whenever problems arise, we stand by our customers to find effective solutions.

Quality awareness

Mistakes are learning opportunities. When complaints arise, we use them as an opportunity for reflection and improvement.

Business management

Business efficiency

Our commitment to business excellence is reflected in every business decision we make. Through prudent resource planning and targeted customer acquisition, we ensure the stability and growth of our company for the years to come.

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